Finishing February

So it’s “Finishing February”, eh? As in “I’m going to spend the month finishing up all my unfinished projects”? It seemed like a great idea, but as we near the end of the month there’s another F word that comes to mind (I don’t really need to spell it out, do I?).

I somehow managed to not complete a single project this month. Not one! And while it’s possible I might complete something over the next 3 days, when I started pulling out the works-in-progress I have stashed all over the house the sheer number of them kinda humbled me. I think I have a problem.

Fiona recently fessed up to her ‘colour-rut’ issue, and now it’s my turn to come clean. I’m going to share them all with you, and please tell me if I’m not alone here! Let’s start with the most recent. I feel like I need to work up to the really, really old and dusty ones, so as not to shock you right off the bat.


Peasy. This is actually really recent, started only a couple weeks ago and realistically I wouldn’t be able to finish a DK weight cardigan for myself in less than a month but it’s still a WIP (work in progress) and so I’m including it.

I’d love to have this finished for spring, and think it’s a realistic goal.  After I divide for the sleeves though it’s miles of stockinette which is not my idea of a good knitting time. However, the thought of having a lovely lightweight cardigan in this pretty shade of yellow may be enough to keep me going.






my favourite thingsMy Favourite Things. Started January 2013. I absolutely fell in love with this pattern when I first saw it. I really enjoy stranded colour work, and the fact that this is such an amazing stash buster AND a very personal project made it a true winner in my books. I predict this will take me 3 years to finish, but I’m okay with that.








welted cowlWelted Cowl. Started December 2012. This was a shamefully compulsive cast-on, started literally minutes after I first saw Jane Richmond tweet about it. I just happened to have a skein of the Sweet Georgia Silk Mist kicking around my stash, and while it has taken me much much longer to complete it than I thought it would, it is a joy to create. I have this terrible habit of knitting a round, then taking a moment to admire it and stroke it (so soft you wouldn’t believe it. Like a kitten, for reals). It makes perfect travel knitting though as it weighs almost nothing and is quite simple. Not a priority right now, but I do look forward to wearing it someday…






colour affectionColor Affection. Started November 2012. Well, everyone else was knitting one, so… I do love this pattern though, and it was a case of having three lovely skeins of sock yarn that had been bought at different times (all different independent dyers) but just looked so great together. The third skein, not pictured, is a warm charcoal grey. Also not a priority right now, but I’m not giving up on this one either.







holdenHolden. Started October 2012. I bought this gorgeous skein of silk/cashmere/alpaca yarn at Knit City from Yummy Yarn Studio. I  want to do something great with this yarn, because it really is something special, but I’m starting to realize that this pattern isn’t it. I think this is headed for the frog pond.








raeRae. Started July 2012. I feel pretty silly about this one, because I’m half-way done but haven’t even touched it since August. This yarn is dear to me because I dyed it my very own self, under the tutelage of Felicia Lo of Sweet Georgia Yarns at our retreat last June. This is one of those projects that I feel guilty about every time I see it. I will finish you Rae, I promise!!








lumberjackLumberjack Socks. Started June 2012? July? I actually don’t remember when I started these, just that it took me a pretty short time to knit the first one, and a LONG time to even start the second one. Typical, and I pretty much knew that was going to happen before I even began these, my first pair of socks. My tactic was to make them a present for my husband in the hopes that it would encourage me to keep going after finishing the first one. I had really hoped to finish them for his birthday (February 17) and I almost made it. Almost. (Sorry honey!)







lanesplitterLanesplitter. Originally completed September 2011. I know, I know, this shouldn’t even count, but after wearing it once I knew I had to rip out the waistband (which I did…in June 2012) and re-knit it (anyone’s guess when that will be!). This is another super guilt inducing UFO (un-finished object), and I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to finish this dang waistband. Silly.








clapotisClapotis. Started sometime in 2009. This is the really shameful project that actually gets stored in the back of a drawer, away from the rest of my knitting stash(es). I started to lose steam on this when I got the sneaking suspicion that I didn’t have enough (discontinued) yarn to finish. I’m not willing to frog it, but am also not really willing to take the time to finish it. What to do, what to do ?







So tell me, am I alone here? I can’t be the only one with an embarrassing number of WIP’s, can I? To be honest though, the only things that bother me about this are 1. I have a lot of needles or cables tied up and 2. Sometimes I don’t make clear notes on my pattern about where I left off and so picking them up and starting again is pretty annoying.

I think my resolution for the past two years has been to finish what I start. But working away on a project when I don’t feel like it just sucks the fun out of knitting for me. Sometimes I really don’t want stockinette, I want cables. Or sometimes only garter stitch will do it. And honestly, my knitting time is pretty limited these days (can’t wait to tell you all what we’ve been working on!!) so I want it to be 100% fun and relaxing when I do make the time to sit and knit.

So that’s one of the reasons I’m really looking forward to our retreat in a couple weeks. You better believe I’m bringing most of these projects with me and maybe, just maybe, I’ll bring home some finished projects.

Did any of you manage to do some Finishing in February?


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