….stuck in a colour rut

It’s no secret that Amanda and I are partial to green and orange – they are the Knit Social colours after all.  I especially love orange, and Amanda is keen on green (Sorry, I couldn’t resist that).

I wear it all the time, I have orange furniture, and most importantly I buy orange yarn. I buy so much orange yarn in fact that I made a New Years resolution this year to branch out a little when selecting the colour for a new knitting project.

These are my most recent FO’s, and some amazing orange yarn that I just got in the mail from Spincycle Yarns.


Kind of crazy, right? Some of those oranges are literally the same shade….I have a problem.

Two weekends ago, Amanda and I went to California for our very first TNNA. I wanted to knit something new for the occasion, so in keeping with my resolution, I deliberately used some yarn from my stash that was not orange. Here’s what I made:


I love my new Shalom. I wear it all the time. I love the Indigo dyed yarn I bought from RainShadow Yarn at the first annual KnitFit! in Seattle. In fact, I love it so much that I have abandoned orange as my go-to colour.

The only thing is, now I have a new go-to colour:


All of a sudden, all I knit with is Indigo. I can’t stop getting stuck in a colour rut! Is this normal? Do you do this too?



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