Knit City 2015 round up

Thanks to all of you who attended Knit City this year! It was an amazing weekend. Amanda and I are still reeling from it all. (We call it our ‘Knit City Hangover’, but it’s not a bad feeling – just kind of a tired, happy glow). Both Clara Parkes and the Yarn Harlot – who were an absolute delight to host – have written glowing reviews about the show and it makes us so happy that our corner of the yarn world is getting international acclaim. Because honestly, you deserve it! The community that Knit City fosters is truly wonderful, from the sponsors and vendors, to the instructors, to the shoppers and class attendees (and let’s not forget our incredible band of volunteers, without whom the show would simply not happen) and the energy it generates each year is a special, special thing.

So thank you, thank you, thank you for coming! We couldn’t do it without your support and encouragement. An extra shout out to Ancient Arts, SweetGeorgia Yarns, RainCityKnits and SAORI Saltspring for their generous sponsorship.  Please enjoy our collection of somewhat blurry snapshots of the weekend below. We tried to make an effort to record the whirlwind that was Knit City properly, but clearly we were over-excited or something….

For more pics of the show, search the hashtag #knitcity2015 on Instagram – there are literally hundreds of shots of the show, as well as Knit City hauls (including mine, which is truly excessive…something I say I’m not going to do every year but then go ahead and do it anyway)



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