Hi, we’re Amanda & Fiona.

We first met in 2009 while attending the same weekly Knit Club, and discovered we had much in common. As new-ish moms, we had both begun knitting while pregnant with our first children in 2007, and loved the creative and relaxing aspects of knitting.

We attended our Knit Club religiously, bravely branching out into lace, colourwork, felting and crocheting and learning these skills together with our loyal team of weekly crafters.  When our second children were born 2 1/2 months apart in 2010, Knit Club was often the only time we could get together out of our homes for some socializing.

Even though knitting (and fibre crafting in general) is usually considered a solitary hobby, the connections made out of a shared love of  the craft can be remarkable. The local fibre community in our home town of Vancouver alone is strong and vibrant; there are dozens of guilds, groups and clubs here just like the one we frequent.

Our mandate is to help this community of crafters and artisans grow and become even more closely tight-knit. We have so much to teach and share with one another, so let’s get social and bring this community together.

Please join us!