How to access your ticket downloads

Looking for the downloads for your class and marketplace tickets? We’re here to help!

Step 1: Email

You should have received an email shortly after registering that will look like this. The subject will be “Order Completed” from “Knit Social”. It’s possible it may have gone to Junk or Trash immediately, so don’t panic if you can’t find it. Try doing a search of “Knit Social”.

If you open that email, you will see a message with a link in it. Depending on your email configurations, you can either click directly on that link, or you might need to copy and paste it into your browser bar.

Step 2: Download

Here you will see all of your ticket information. If you purchased tickets in two different transactions, you will have two different emails with two different links. You’ll need to open both of them.

Clink on “Download”

Step 3: Save or Print

Your ticket should pop up magically with all of the information on it. Either print your ticket or save it to your phone to be scanned. You can open the download as many times as you like, but the tickets themselves can only be scanned once (for lecture tickets) or twice (for class tickets; once for your class and once for the marketplace).

Using your ticket for Marketplace entry:

All class purchases are eligible for free Marketplace entry on Saturday and Sunday. If you have a class on Friday or Monday, you can still bring your ticket to the Marketplace to be scanned for entry.

Once you’ve entered the marketplace you will be given a weekend pass wristband so that you do not need to scan your ticket if you come and go.

(Lecture tickets do not grant you free Marketplace entry.)

Any questions? Email us at!