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  • If you would like to send us samples or pictures of your work, please mail them to Knit Social, 109-3637 Cambie, Vancouver BC, V5Z 2X3

Vendor Booths
Please select booth size. Please note that the booth frontage increases with each price point. For example, a small booth has 10’ of frontage, a medium has 15’ of frontage and so on.

All booths automatically come with 8' white drape on 3 sides and power. If you would like a corner, you have the option of removing one side drape so your booth is open at the corners.

Corner booths are first come, first served.

If you would like a booth larger than 10x30, please contact Fiona at for pricing. Many of our sponsorship packages contain booths. Sponsors also have priority booth placement.

Corner Booth Reservation : add $20

You will have the option of renting carpet through our event rental company. You can also rent lighting, chairs, and tables for your booth from our event rental company or the rental company of your choice. More information on this will be provided closer to the show.

You may partner up with someone and split a booth, however they will also need to be approved. Please let us know who you intend to share a booth with.

We have an extensive advertising campaign. However, we expect our vendors to promote the event also. How do you plan to help promote Knit City?
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All applications will be vetted by a Selection Committee.

We will contact you for table payment if you are selected as a vendor. Payment must be made in full via Paypal.

Please read the the following rules and conditions:

  • Table fees are non-refundable. If there are extraneous circumstances, they will be evaluated on a per case basis.
  • Tables may not be shared or sublet unless permission is granted by Knit Social.
  • Vendors may only sell what they have outlined in this application.
  • Vendors must exhibit in a safe manner. Aisle space must be keep free at all times. No open flames or potentially harmful materials or substances may be used.
  • Vendors must be respectful of fellow exhibitors.
  • Vendors are responsible for keeping their space clean.
  • Knit Social strongly recommends that each vendor holds their own insurance policy.
  • The vendor agrees to hold harmless and protect Knit Social Event Co. from any claims, demands, suits, damages, losses, costs or expenses which may arise out of any action or failure to act by Knit Social Event Co. or any of it’s employees, instructors, volunteers, representative etc., and to hold Knit Social Event Co. harmless from any and all liability and responsibility arising from any accident or incident sustained by the vendor’s participation in or presence at the Marketplace.
  • Early take-downs are absolutely forbidden. Knit City is a 2-day event . Vendors must leave table(s) set up overnight.

By submitting this form, you agree to these rules and conditions.