Spindling 1.0 – Making Yarn

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September 29, 2017 10:00 am - 1:00 pm Atrium Inn Cypress Room 2

In this workshop, you will learn basic techniques for spinning on a suspended (drop) spindle. These techniques will allow you to explore making a variety of yarns with these noble tools. This class is for absolute beginning spinners, or for those who know how to spin with a wheel, but don’t know how to do it with a spindle. It is also your chance to learn how to spin on a Turkish spindle (supplied) and make those wonderful “turtles” as you wind the yarn onto the spindle.

In this introduction to the spindle as a tool for making yarn, you will learn about the properties of wool as a protein fibre for making yarn. You will learn how to draft fibre, put twist into it, ply and set the yarn– everything you need to get you started on your yarn making journey.
Materials required to bring:

  • Suspended spindle – top or bottom whorl – Please make sure the spindle is balanced and not too heavy. It should be between 35g and 50g. Note: the instructor has Turkish spindles and top-whorl spindles you can experiment with during the workshop. If you would like to purchase a top-whorl spindle from the instructor for $50, please indicate on your registration form.
  • Any other spindles you own
  • Empty shoebox – to be used as a Kate and to hold your materials.
  • Any fibre preparation tools you may have such as hand cards.

Homework: none

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