Spindling 2.0 – Taking it to the Next Level

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September 30, 2017 10:00 am - 1:00 pm Atrium Inn Cypress Room 2

This class is for spinners who are able to make a continuous thread with a drop spindle or a wheel and want to make yarn with different styles of spindles (Turkish, Navajo, Tahkli, Russian supported), spin faster, have more options for plying, and try different fibres. Bring your spindling questions and challenges to this class. Together we will figure it out and get you on your spindling way.

In this class, you will learn:

  • All the basics such as making a leader, drafting and winding on
  • Drafting techniques such as worsted, woolen and spinning from the fold
  • Strategies for spinning difficult or challenging fibre
  • Tips for spinning soft singles and lace weight yearns
  • An assortment of ways to ply yarn (along with chain plying) with a spindle
  • The importance of setting your yarn and how to do it

All these techniques will make your spindling experiences more satisfying. Finally, there will be several opportunities for you to try a variety of supported spindles to spin cotton, yak and bison.

Materials required to bring:

  • Suspended spindle – top or bottom whorl – Please make sure the spindle is balanced and not too heavy. It should be between 35g and 50g. Note: the instructor has several supported spindles, Turkish spindles and top-whorl spindles you can experiment with during the workshop. If you would like to purchase a top-whorl spindle from the instructor for $50, please indicate on your registration form.
  • Any other spindles you own
  • If you have it, some special fibre you want tips on spinning with – Note: all fibre for the workshop will be supplied*
  • Empty shoebox – to be used as a Kate and to hold your materials.
  • Any fibre preparation tools you may have such as hand cards, flick carders, mini combs
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